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>Ban on contaceptives proposed

>Senator Hokkons Baules of Palau has introduced a bill calling for contraceptives to be banned in the island nation. The bill, the “Population Growth Act of 2011”, is hoped to turn the tide against the shrinking population. Palau has a … Continue reading

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>Internet poll re: killing child apparently real

>A Minnesota pro-life husband and pro-abortion wife have admitted they are the couple behind the site, which featured a poll asking visitors to decide whether they should keep their unborn baby or choose abortion. Many have expressed shock, and … Continue reading

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>Families and the Pike River Mine tragedy

>Yesterday we heard the news of the second explosion at Pike River. Another explosion was always on the cards, we knew that it was the risk that held men back from entering the mine. And yesterday what we all dreaded, … Continue reading

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>The "Letters from Wetville" blog

>I know I said I wasn’t going to post, but I read this and it was so good it needed to be passed around. Hat tip to The Hand Mirror. Another perspective from Sandra at the blog “Letters from Wetville”.

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>No posts

>Hi everyone. I know it’s quiet here but being in Greymouth and having friends who work at Pike (all accounted for and safe) I’m just not up for anything else but praying and hoping for the 29 miners to be … Continue reading

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>Pike River Coal mine explosion

>Pike River Coal explosion. I’m here in Greymouth and I was at the home of a Pike River Coal employee when he got a call and he was told about the explosion at Pike. He couldn’t stay on the line … Continue reading

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>British 14 year old girl drinks and parties with her mother’s approval

>We’ve been discussing promiscuity lately here, particularly in relation to teenagers, so when I read this in The Daily Mail it just dove-tailed in nicely. “From her rock-chick black hair, with its green and blonde streaks, to her Doc Marten … Continue reading

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