>Internet poll re: killing child apparently real

>A Minnesota pro-life husband and pro-abortion wife have admitted they are the couple behind the BirthOrNot.com site, which featured a poll asking visitors to decide whether they should keep their unborn baby or choose abortion. Many have expressed shock, and some have even alleged that the site is a pro-life publicity stunt, but the truth is stranger than that.

Pete and Alisha Arnold, thirty-something Minnesota suburbanites are expecting a baby, which is in its 18th week of gestation. They set up the shocking Internet poll to ask readers, “Should we give birth or have an abortion?” The site went viral last week and prompted a great deal of outcry from both those in the pro-life and pro-abortion camps.
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This is an action so strange, so unreal that Kiwi blogger Boganette was convinced it was a hoax. Frankly I agreed with her, no one would actually poll strangers on the Internet about continuing with the life of their baby. But no, it seems (and I say seems because I still can’t really fathom it to be true) that it’s not a hoax and a genuine web page.

I’m just flabbergasted.

This is what we have come to thanks to the creeping menace of reality television, both homemade and commercial. People are seeking their 15 minutes of fame and the concept of the private and personal has just flown out the window with it. Why would any sane couple ask strangers on the Internet about the most important decision of their lives? What would possess someone to think that was a good idea? Asking family or best friends I can understand, but an open poll?

One of the things I try to hammer into my kids is that once something is on the Internet it can’t be taken back. It is there forever. So that embarrassing photo, those ill considered words – forever inscribed on a hard drive somewhere, never to be deleted. Always think carefully about sharing something you might not want to be public. But I just can’t understand why someone would place such intimate, personal issues into the public space. For what purpose?

Just… ugh.


This case just gets weirder. Pete Arnold told CNN that the poll was hoax.


This whole thing is just negative and wrong IMO. If they did it to convince women to keep their babies alive then they have missed the mark. Yes, it’s highlighted abortion, but then we all knew about abortion anyway. I can’t believe that this stunt made women who were previously prepared to terminate their children suddenly change their minds. Really what is going to do that is to help people understand the humanity of the unborn and for people to be prepared to put their child’s life first.

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2 Responses to >Internet poll re: killing child apparently real

  1. Boganette says:

    >Are you going to update this Muerk? Since you now know it was an anti-choice hoax?

  2. Muerk says:

    >I didn't know actually. Real life has been getting in the way ATM and I've been letting the blog slide while I was dealing with other stuff. I've updated the blog now.

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