>Pike Memorial was blessedly Christian

>As I live in Greymouth and I know men who work at Pike my family attended the memorial service for the men lost at Pike. I was praying that rain wouldn’t come and I think that would go for everyone here on the Coast, thankfully the weather was perfect. The thing that impressed me most was how obviously and publicly Christian the service was. Jesus Christ was talked about with no apologetic embarrassment. The service was led by Anglican minister Rev. Tim Mora, who did my husband’s grandmother’s funeral in his little church in Cobden a few years ago. Our parish priest Fr. John Morrison said a prayer and our church choir sang.

I’m not a Coaster by birth (my husband is), but I know many of the people personally including Peter Whittal. He is a man I trust and I know how hard he is working and the toll it is taking on him and his family. Seeing thousands coming together to pray and mourn was a special experience and I truly believe that the West Coast is a slice of Eden.

But it isn’t Eden from before the Fall. There is danger  and pain here. My husband’s family worked at Strongman Mine during the disaster in 1967 and Pike has brought back memories and grief for his family. In the end suffering can bring about good if we let it turn us back to hope and faith in God. Rev. Tim spoke about the deaths at Pike being a tragic accident and not willed by God. It wasn’t those men’s time, it was just a terrible, horrible accident. He also said that Jesus understands our loss, he too wept for his dead friend.

Greymouth will keep on keeping on and we won’t forget the men who lost their lives deep in Pike River Mine and we will hold them in our prayers.

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3 Responses to >Pike Memorial was blessedly Christian

  1. leftrightout says:

    >WOW! Xians constantly find new ways to amaze me with their insensitivity, their "we're right, you're wrong" attitudes and their demands to be at the head of every table, but this one takes the buscuit (or is that the miner's helmet?) for stupid insensitivity.Times like these are not the times for petty point scoring.Anyway, where was god and jesus when the men needed help? Off playing golf with satan?

  2. Muerk says:

    >I wasn't trying to point score at all. Make a point, yes, but score a point, no. Most people on the Coast are Christian, culturally if not actual church attenders. However we have expunged so much faith out of public life in New Zealand it was positive to see it at the memorial service. The three theological virtues are faith, love and hope. And I think we needed all three to get through the Pike River tragedy. The local clergy have all been there for their flock and I think families benefited from their faith and that was reflected in the memorial service. Christianity is the Coast culture. I was amazed when I moved here at how so many shops in Greymouth have Nativity Scenes in their windows at Christmas.

  3. leftrightout says:

    Let’s hope that the memorial fo Christchurch earthquake victims will be blessedly secular.


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