>From my favorite blogger comes this.

>”Welcome to modern life. Introducing kids as commodities:

The man bringing together this disparate group is Rudy Rupak, chief executive of PlanetHospital.com LLC, a California company that searches the globe to find the components for its business line. The business, in this case, is creating babies”

PlanetHospital’s most affordable package, the “India bundle,” buys an egg donor, four embryo transfers into four separate surrogate mothers, room and board for the surrogate, and a car and driver for the parents-to-be when they travel to India to pick up the baby.

Pricier packages add services like splitting eggs from the same donor to fertilize with different sperm, so children of gay couples can share a genetic mother. In Panama, twins cost an extra $5,000; for another $6,500 you can choose a child’s gender.

The couple made payments as the pregnancy progressed, with the final amount due at birth. Of the $35,000, PlanetHospital keeps around $3,600. Another $5,000 goes to the egg donor, plus another $3,000 or so for travel expenses. The surrogate gets $8,000. The rest, around $15,000, is paid to the clinic.

Packages. For human beings. If you’re not sick yet, this should just about close the deal for you.

“Our ethics are agnostic,” Mr. Rupak says. “How do you prevent a pedophile from having a baby? If they’re a pedophile then I will leave that to the U.S. government to decide, not me.”

Mike Aki and his husband, a Massachusetts couple, confronted this question. The couple planned on having two children. But their two surrogate mothers in India each became pregnant with twins.

At 12 weeks into the pregnancies, Mr. Aki and his husband decided to abort two of the fetuses, one from each woman. It was a very painful call to make, Mr. Aki says. “You start thinking to yourself, ‘Oh, my god, am I killing this child?’”

He didn’t think of his decision as an abortion, but as a “reduction,” he says.

Read more.

Does anyone remember those hellish sci-fi works about people factories? Yeah, well it isn’t science fiction anymore, it’s our evil reality.

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5 Responses to >From my favorite blogger comes this.

  1. ZenTiger says:

    >Mr. Aki says. “You start thinking to yourself, ‘Oh, my god, am I killing this child?’”"He didn't think very hard, then did he?

  2. Boganette says:

    >Do you think it's ever OK to use a surrogate Muerk?

  3. Boganette says:

    >I've been thinking about this and the abortion of each twin sounds far too far-fetched to be real. Even the two surrogate mothers carrying twins for two men sounds ridiculous and it definitely sounds like a story an anti-choicer would create. I Googled Mike Aki and can't find any information on him or his husband. I also can't find any other source to this article other than weirdo Catholic blogs or 'journals'. Since ya'll lie a huge amount I think you shouldn't worry yourself about this since it definitely sounds like bullshit. Aborting a (healthy?) foetus at 12 weeks while another foetus is in the womb isn't something I've heard of unless there are serious health concerns and both foetuses are aborted. Maybe you shouldn't believe everything you read on the net. Even if you desperately want to believe it – which in this case I'm sure you do.

  4. Muerk says:

    >The main point of my post was the commercialisation of having children. Planet Hospital is definitely real and you can read their page about surrogacy here:http://www.planethospital.com/177/SurrogacyThey certainly do offer the use of up to four surrogates at a time in India with up to four transfers. The original article comes from the Wall Street Journal in its article "Assembling the Global Baby". Here's the raw link – http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703493504576007774155273928.html

  5. Faye says:

    >In another post you are complaining about people not having enough babies, now you're complaining about people having babies?

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