>Because nothing sells like sex

>I first read about this on The Hand Mirror and I have taken the photo from Luddite Journo but this issue is so important I wanted to focus attention on it too.

The New Zealand Police have had a “rough time” of it in the last few year. Police officers have been charged with raping very young women. Two, Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum, were convicted of raping and kidnapping a 20 year old woman. She was gang raped by five men and two of them, Shipton and Schollum, were police officers at the time. Other women said that they were raped by police however their cases did not result in a guilty verdict. The justice system decided that their group sex was consensual, or at least they couldn’t bring a judgement of guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

So… you get the picture. The police need to work on their behaviour and their public perception –  they need to be seen as trustworthy officers of the law. They need to be seen to be people who you can trust and be safe with, especially if you are someone who has suffered a sexual assault. This means that the police should be bending over backwards to present themselves as having purged the sick corruption that led police officers to feel comfortable with having group sex with teenage girls (whilst in police uniform and using police handcuffs and batons) and kidnapping and gang rape.

Therefore, why would the New Zealand Police run advertising like this?

Dear New Zealand Police,

I know advertising executives will use sex to sell everything, from beer and burgers, to music and motorbikes, but if you want to “sell” the New Zealand Police as a career for young people it might pay to lay off the creepy adverts that insinuate you want to have sex with them. This is especially important given police officers have had a habit of groups sex with young girls and even on occasion have raped them.

Please fire your advertising agency and maybe run some focus groups with some women since you can’t seem to work out when you are being sleazy.

Just an FYI.

Yours hopefully,


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2 Responses to >Because nothing sells like sex

  1. ZenTiger says:

    >Yep, I thought that advertisement was in extremely poor taste, and said as much on the Frog Blog when it was being discussed there.I've seen a few truly abysmal advertisements of similar calibre, and wonder if the advertising profession has degenerated beyond repair. The fact though that some-one in the Police signed off on that advertisement is rather appalling.They probably saw that the Air NZ Cougar advertisement connected with a few louts, and then thought "Hey, I wonder if those louts would consider a career in the Police Service?"They need to aim higher, and that starts with acting that way.

  2. Muerk says:

    >Even if the police hadn't had the whole rape/group sex culture past it would still be an awful advert, the fact that they had this history and STILL went ahead with it shows just how stupid and thoughtless the person/people who okayed were. And this is the organisation that people who have been sexually assaulted are supposed to come to for help and justice – safer communities together (unless you're jail bait in which case we want to ^&$% you). Just ugh :(

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