Welcome and my thoughts on the Family First poll

Hi guys, thanks for having a look see here at the new place for proLIFE proLOVE.

Today via Twitter I did the new Family First poll.


As of writing the poll’s page has a ‘Bandwidth Limit Exceeded’ error so until that fixed I’m afraid I can’t quote from it. The poll has caused a tiny stir in the New Zealand twitter stream, mainly criticisms. Family First is bigoted, ignorant, and the sheer weight of stupid apparently crashed the site.

The thing is, it wasn’t a great poll. The questions (which I can’t directly quote because the site is down) were multiple issue and that makes answering the poll hard if you agree with one part of the statement, but not others. The pictures attached to the questions showed obvious bias which was also a shame. If you’re going to make a poll, other than for entertainment value, then it should be done right.

The object of the poll was for Family First to canvas opinion so that they could represent families better, which I think was a very worthy aim. Hopefully they can tweak the poll to improve it and get some really good information.


Brian Edwards takes the Family First poll to task. Read more.

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