Looters – Revenge vs Justice

I saw this on Kiwiblog and other places as well, but I wanted to comment.

Both Judith Collins and Phil Goff have expressed revenge fantasies about looters in Christchurch. Collins said “I hope they go to jail for a long time – with a cellmate.” (And of course she was talking about the possibility of rape.) Goff said “I saw the army out in the street and I thought court martial, firing squads you just can’t believe how low a small minority of people can get,

These feelings are perfectly normal, common sentiments that most people are likely to express when faced with looting. Surely the people who are upset by these comments have heard such things before from equally usually reasonable people. Can we really be so separated from normal human emotion to fail to see that these were visceral fantasies?

If Collins and Goff were genuinely suggesting double bunking (and the violence that will go with it just as night follows day) and firing squads then I think we can start to worry. Oh… Judith Collins as Corrections Minister did just that in December 2009.

Corrections Minister Judith Collins has welcomed an Employment Court judgment in favour of the Department of Corrections over plans to extend the use of double-bunking at prisons.

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3 Responses to Looters – Revenge vs Justice

  1. yonmei says:

    What makes you think they weren’t?

    It may be normal for you to fantasise about having people raped or killed for revenge – but then you’re a prolifer, and they’re notoriously indifferent to other’s needs and pain.

    Are these two who were expressing rape and death also prolifers? Is that why you think it’s normal for them to imagine having an enemy raped?

    • muerknz says:

      I think you have set ideas about how horrible prolife people are and it makes it impossible to have a constructive discussion when that happens.

      My point was to criticize Collins because she wants double bunking in prison and I think that would make prison even less safe. Inmates should have their own cell for safety and privacy reasons.

      I can understand the human temptation to mouth off about people who hurt others or others’ property, but Collins did that in a context whereby her political action would lead to actual double bunking and thus an increase in rape. I think that’s immoral.

      Neither person is a prolifer, Goff is the leader of the Labour party and Collins is the Minister of Police in the National led Government.

    • scrubone says:

      Two points:
      1. I know someone who is in an ideal position to know of any ill-effects of double bunking, and that person informs me that the prisioners love it, as they have someone to talk.

      2. Don’t cha just love the anti-life people who conclude that, because they’ve never heard of pro-life people doing anything other than protesting, that they therefore don’t spend any time helping people?

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