The Lord is king – Psalm 98

The Lord is king; the peoples tremble.
He is throned on the cherubim; the earth quakes.

This Psalm is from the Divine Office’s morning prayer, as I read it this morning I felt its truth because in the Diocese of Christchurch the earth is quaking and after so many powerful shakes the people are trembling. No matter what suffering and fear we experience though, the Lord is king.

I grew up in Christchurch and aside from a few months in Auckland I lived there all my life until 2007. So many buildings have been destroyed and those buildings were part of my memories and felt a part of who I am. Still a building can be replaced and the people who were killed in the earthquakes can not be.

Even in our darkest times the Lord is king and he is a loving Father who sent his Son so that we could have eternal life. The Psalm written so long ago still speaks to me and it gives me hope that no matter what happens God is there.

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