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Pro-life needs to be what it says

In April 2007 a woman died apparently because her ectopic pregnancy wasn’t treated due to abortion being illegal in Nicaragua. President Ortega has publicly stated that life-saving procedures are not prohibited by Nicaraguan law, however according to groups that want … Continue reading

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>From my favorite blogger comes this.

>”Welcome to modern life. Introducing kids as commodities: The man bringing together this disparate group is Rudy Rupak, chief executive of LLC, a California company that searches the globe to find the components for its business line. The business, … Continue reading

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>Internet poll re: killing child apparently real

>A Minnesota pro-life husband and pro-abortion wife have admitted they are the couple behind the site, which featured a poll asking visitors to decide whether they should keep their unborn baby or choose abortion. Many have expressed shock, and … Continue reading

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>Abortion news from around the world

>In Canada a pro-life student group has been refused by the Carleton University Student Association student group status unless it amends its constitution to say it’s pro-abortion. Read more. In Thailand a temple has been found to be storing the … Continue reading

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>The ethics of fetal pain

>Hat tip to Mark Shea. “The science of fetal pain remains uncertain, but we still have a duty to avoid the possibility of inflicting undue suffering.” Read more. Seriously, why would anyone be prepared to take the risk that the … Continue reading

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>What one woman really feels about her abortion

>This is from The Guardian: “There isn’t a choice: I am an unemployed recent graduate barely able to afford the pregnancy test, with a boyfriend on bar wages. But after the scan, I want the nurse to find some unfathomable … Continue reading

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>Documentary on Victoria’s abortion law

> From Semper Vita I’m just so disgusted that doctors and nurses could allow born babies to die after late term abortions. To me that is practically infanticide.

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