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The Lord is king – Psalm 98

The Lord is king; the peoples tremble. He is throned on the cherubim; the earth quakes. This Psalm is from the Divine Office’s morning prayer, as I read it this morning I felt its truth because in the Diocese of … Continue reading

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Looters – Revenge vs Justice

I saw this on Kiwiblog and other places as well, but I wanted to comment. Both Judith Collins and Phil Goff have expressed revenge fantasies about looters in Christchurch. Collins said “I hope they go to jail for a long time … Continue reading

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Pro-life needs to be what it says

In April 2007 a woman died apparently because her ectopic pregnancy wasn’t treated due to abortion being illegal in Nicaragua. President Ortega has publicly stated that life-saving procedures are not prohibited by Nicaraguan law, however according to groups that want … Continue reading

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Welcome and my thoughts on the Family First poll

Hi guys, thanks for having a look see here at the new place for proLIFE proLOVE. Today via Twitter I did the new Family First poll. As of writing the poll’s page has a ‘Bandwidth Limit Exceeded’ error so … Continue reading

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>Pike River Coal mine explosion

>Pike River Coal explosion. I’m here in Greymouth and I was at the home of a Pike River Coal employee when he got a call and he was told about the explosion at Pike. He couldn’t stay on the line … Continue reading

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>No Right Turn: More than unwise

>No Right Turn: More than unwise This isn’t a pro-life post, but given that the Defense Forces lay down their life for our freedom I think I’ll blog about it anyway. Idiot Savant of No Right Turn states in his … Continue reading

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>Welcome to this new blog. This blog is going to be about life issues and how we can support and promote a culture of life and love in New Zealand. Every single person is a beloved child of God and … Continue reading

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