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Pro-life needs to be what it says

In April 2007 a woman died apparently because her ectopic pregnancy wasn’t treated due to abortion being illegal in Nicaragua. President Ortega has publicly stated that life-saving procedures are not prohibited by Nicaraguan law, however according to groups that want … Continue reading

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>Maybe we should be shaming sluts

>After writing about a school girl told to pull her skirt down others have spoken. Brian Edwards weighed into the “you look like a slut” debate here. He says “So if Amethyst did indeed ‘look like a slut’ when her skirt … Continue reading

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>Afghan women who set themselves alight

>Chris Johnson of the Midwest Conservative Journal posted this from the New York Times. I think it is so important to repost it. I call on everyone to pray for these women and all the women in Afghanistan. WARNING this video … Continue reading

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